Accelerate your work/school performance, recreational activity or sport by dramatically improving physical and mental ability. Quickly integrate information, take action and adapt in real time to any situation.


My clients across the world have found an improved ability to take on the challenges of life and to reach new levels of accomplishments. 


Commonly misunderstood as the absence of disease, wellness is the best quality of life in your present circumstances, regardless of your medical condition.

Whether you’re fighting a disease, recovering from injury, or striving to maintain good health, I can assist you in achieving balance and wellness of the mind, body, and spirit.

All services are customizable for your unique needs. 

Brain Integration Therapy (BIT)

60 mins  |   $80

BIT is a specific pattern of physical activity using eyes to stimulate the brain in a specific way. teaching all parts of the brain to work together more efficiently and effectively.  This therapy as a stand-alone technique requires 7 to 10 weekly sessions and exercises done at home. This technique often overlaps into other sessions.


45-60 mins  |   $65-$125

These beneficial sessions are effective pre or post-surgery, post injury – current and historical ones, trauma from falls, combat or abuse. We utilize a unique formula with proven techniques to create a safe place for brain retraining and reintegration. Movement reeducation and mobility may be incorporated. Multiple sessions are recommended for previous injury or trauma.




50-60 mins  |   $75-$115

Using a brain-based training system protocol, sessions are custom tailored to your needs. Life athletes and professional athletes benefit from scientific brain-based understanding of HOW to see accelerating balance and movement. For most of us, sight is inborn, vision is learned. Our brains have the potential to map and maintain an accurate picture of the body and its systems. Over time, through stress, trauma and injury, we develop Sensory Motor Amnesia.


In a Movement/Balance/Vision session, we will discover the areas of the brain and body not functioning at maximum effectiveness. Through a proven protocol, we reeducate, rehabilitate and restore mobility, vision, and/or balance.