Accelerate your work/school performance, recreational activity or sport by dramatically improving physical and mental ability. Quickly integrate information, take action and adapt in real time to any situation.

​I am a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner (CBP), Certified Emotion Code Practitioner (CECP) and EmRes Practitioner. Completing extensive training in Accunect, BodyIntuitive, ZHealth - Restoration and Rehab, and Brain Integration Therapy (BIT) have elevated my effectiveness and understanding of neuroscience and bodymind integration leading to wholeness.

​My clients across the world have found an improved ability to take on the challenges of life and to reach new levels of accomplishments.

Energy Medicine Professional Association


This session is for relaxation, balancing of the body/brain, and routine maintenance. An established protocol is utilized for any small alignments the body complex needs to make for increased communication and efficiency. My clients call this “healing nap time”. Most clients, relax on my table and fall asleep while the body reestablishes energy levels, system synchronicity and healing communication.

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Emotional Trauma & Recovery

In a structured way through Emotional Resolution (EmRes®) we work together enabling your body to very simply, non-invasively and permanently release emotions around an event or relationship without having to talk it through or relive it. ​ In addition to freedom and relaxation, you will leave a session with simple, powerful tools to utilize daily. These tools will empower you to focus and realign additional stressors until we can address them individually. ​ EmRes allows the brain to permanently update its outdated prediction by consciously observing the obsolete interoceptive prediction from a sage, present-day perspective.

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These beneficial sessions are effective pre or post-surgery, post injury – current and historical ones, trauma from falls, combat or abuse. We utilize a unique formula with proven techniques to create a safe place for brain retraining and reintegration. Movement reeducation and mobility may be incorporated. Multiple sessions are recommended for previous injury or trauma.

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RHONDA has been an integral part of my healing process. She is very intuitive and has a variety of information she has studied over the years to pull from.